Short Films

Addiction Drama - follows the heart-wrenching journey of addiction, recovery and identity through the eyes of Rylee, a mixed race American teen. - Directed by Arun K. Vir




International Black

Film Festival

The Quiet Loud

Crime Drama - A young man, desperate for cash, is forced to make a life changing choice and finds himself in an impossible situation. - Directed by Jason James Richter

Romance - When a girl named Sam is about to get hitched to a man named Sam, her ex-boyfriend makes one last attempt to change her mind. - Directed by Xavier Manrique

Losing Sam

Home Invasion - A state of bliss takes an unexpected turn when Robin, a con artist, plays twisted games with a newlywed couple. - Directed by Samantha Schell


Post-Apocalyptic - A monoplegic teen, Seth Ott, and an emotionally disconnected drifter, J.J. struggle to find a safe haven in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. - Directed by Mark Schoonmaker